Heartland Strength & Fitness is the premier functional fitness facility in Grand Island.

We offer a proven strength & conditioning program with the goal of delivering fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our workouts involve functional tasks that we perform in our everyday lives. Our program uses running, rowing, gymnastics, olympic lifting, power lifting, kettlebells, and much more to achieve results. Our classes are also universally scalable; that is, one workout may be posted for the day, but it can be infinitely varied to meet the wide range of needs and abilities of those performing it, from the elite athlete to the 15 year old football player, to the 40 year old mother to the 70 year old grandparent, and everyone in between.

Check out our Gym Info page, Gym Info, for class descriptions and schedule. Your first workout is always FREE! Click here Contact to schedule a FREE trial or to get started. We look forward to meeting you.


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