I started working out at CrossFit Heartland, now known as Heartland
Strength & Fitness, just before my 40th birthday. For over 20 years, I had worked out sporadically, never longer than a six month stretch at a time. Seriously, chasing my four kids was my regular form of exercise! I was definitely intimidated by what I’d heard about the WODs (work out of the day), but pushed myself to join due to health issues. I wasn’t in shape and did nothing regularly for exercise…it was time…it was all or nothing!

      I had friends that loved CrossFit. I’d seen their progress, which made me
even more excited to join!! I went from poor shoulder mobility due to a torn
rotator cuff in my early 20s to full range of motion! I could barely jump up to the bar let alone perform a pull-up! I eventually was able to do a strict pull-up and perform rope climbs. I can do 60 kipping pull-ups as part of a work out named Cindy. Honestly, my shoulder has never felt so good! I was an athlete in high school, but feel I am stronger now than I ever was.

      Heartland Strength & Fitness isn’t just a gym. It’s a community, a family,
and a personal trainer rolled into one. I believe the majority of the success of this “functional fitness” class lies within the 20 minutes that starts out the workout, which includes stretching and warm-ups. There’s also time after the class to stretch out and cool down. This gym is literally for everyone. Your skill level, your age, and how in shape you are right now doesn’t matter!

      HSF coaches MAKE this gym what it is today! They are my biggest fans!
Technique is vital to lifting weights. The coaches are there making sure I’m using correct form. They are there to help direct me as to how much weight I should or shouldn’t add to my bar. Want to create some personal records? I did and I’m still breaking mine!!

      In May 2018, it will be 5 years since my first day! HSF workouts are an
enormous stress reliever! I feel like I’ve accomplished a full workout when I
leave the gym. I have pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible! Don’t get me wrong, I am a part-time, 3 day a week, scaled girl but I love it! It’s just right for me. My coaches have helped guide me along this journey and I’m so thankful for them!! I don’t want to go anywhere else!


Heartland Strength and Fitness changed my life.  It sounds cliché when people talk about their gyms, but for me it is 100% the truth.  During high school and college, I was active in sports, but over the next 14 years I was not nearly as active (I am not sure I was active at all).  I was 36 years old and in the worst shape of my life. I had no energy to play with my kids, I weighed more than I ever had, I would be out of breath going up just a few stairs, I ate horribly, and honestly, I didn’t feel great about myself.  

At a gathering with friends, a good friend and I decided we were going to try CrossFit. We had known a couple of other people who really enjoyed Heartland Strength and Fitness, and we were looking to get active again.  First, I went to a free trial class. This class really opened my eyes. Movements that I do every day, I really struggled with, but I was impressed by the support that gym members were giving me to complete the workout.  This showed me that HSF has a place for everyone, of all fitness levels. I knew at once that this was the type of gym that was going to push me to be the best I could be. From that point on I was hooked.

Over the last 3 years, Heartland Strength and Fitness has become like family to me.   In the beginning when I was scaling every workout, to now when I can do the prescribed weight on most workouts, I had a group of people that pushed me to do the best I could do.  There was no judgement on what I could and could not do. There was encouragement, and comradery. I believe this reflects the community that the HSF coaches have created. Heartland Strength and Fitness coaches have played a huge role in my success!  The coaching I have received has been crucial to my development. I have never been asked by any of the coaches to do any movement that will put me at risk from injury. Correct form is always encouraged, over how much weight I can do.

I can say now as a 38-year-old, I am in the best shape of my life.   I can lift more than I ever have, can run farther than I ever have, and can mentally push myself through a workout I would have given up on in the past.  One of the best parts is that my PR’s keep getting better. I have enjoyed being a member at HSF so much that about a year ago, I signed my wife up for the Foundations classes.  I knew how important exercising was to her, and she was looking to push herself harder than she currently was. Based on my experience at HSF I knew she would love it. We recently just competed in our first CrossFit competition together and had a blast.  The changes that HSF has helped create have affected all areas of my life. There were as many mental improvements as there were physical. Today, I am a better husband, father, and person in general and HSF played a big role in that. These are the things for me that make it easy to wake up in that morning and head to the gym!

Jason V

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